UPDATE: Smoking Allowed in a Personal Vehicle on a State College or University Campus

Aug 26, 2014

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On August 26, 2014, we published a Law Alert regarding The Smoke Free Campus Act (the “Act”), which prohibits smoking on all “State-supported” colleges and universities beginning July 1, 2015[1]. As originally enacted, an exception to the smoking ban existed for individuals traveling through campus in a vehicle not owned by the college or university.  As amended, the law now permits an individual to also smoke in their personal vehicle while parked on campus.  Note, however, that smoking is still prohibited in a vehicle which is owned by a college or university.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the firm’s Labor and Employment or Local Government attorneys.

Catherine R. Locallo, an associate in the firm’s Chicago office, prepared this Law Alert.

[1] See “State Colleges & Universities to Ban Smoking on Campus July 1, 2015.