Executive Order 2020-10’s Effect on Construction Projects

Mar 21, 2020

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In addition to requiring Illinoisans to stay at home, Executive Order 2020‐10 also requires non‐essential businesses and operations to cease. However, the Order states that “[a]ll Essential Businesses and Operations are encouraged to remain open.” The Order also allows individuals to leave their home to perform work for Essential Businesses and Operations. Those Essential Businesses and Operations that remain open must take proactive measures, where possible, including: (i) maintaining six foot distancing; (ii) having hand sanitizer and sanitizing products for employees and customers; and (iii) implementing separate hours, or remote work, for elderly or vulnerable individuals.

In short, construction and many construction‐related activities are included in “Essential Businesses and Operations” and projects may continue.

Executive Order 2020-10’s Effect on Construction Projects

Due to the number of questions from clients regarding the status of ongoing construction projects, this law alert focuses only on Executive Order 2020‐10’s impact on ongoing and upcoming construction projects.