In-Service Training Topics

Robbins Schwartz regularly provides in-service training. We work with you to customize the topic(s) covered and to provide the scope and depth of coverage you desire. Our in-services are normally conducted on-site or at your preferred location and are typically available on a fixed-fee basis. Examples of recent in-services provided by Robbins Schwartz include:

Board Governance – General

  • Open Meetings Act Compliance
  • Freedom of Information Act Compliance and Procedures
  • Bidding Primer
  • Mandated Reporter Duties under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act
  • School Technology Use and Internet Liability Issues
  • Sensitivity
  • Notary
  • Document Retention

Labor & Employment/Personnel

  • Sexual Harassment and General Harassment Training
  • Anti-discrimination – Title VII, ADA and Illinois Human Rights Act
  • Employee Leave Issues
  • Effective Evaluation and Discipline of Employees and Protocols For The Hiring Process New Teacher Best Practices
  • Evaluation and Remediation of Employees
  • Teacher Performance Evaluation
  • Managing Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Effective Employee Discipline
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing and Hiring
  • Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act Military Leave and Updated Regulations
  • FLSA and Wage Issues
  • Collective Bargaining


  • Addressing Confidentiality Concerns in Schools: Legal Basics and Common Questions
  • Answers to Everyday Student Records Questions
  • Compliance with “The Care of Students with Diabetes Act” and Administration of Medication at School
  • Food Allergies in Schools: How are you Managing?
  • From Sticks and Stones to Taunts and Texts: Student Misconduct, Bullying and Discipline
  • Managing Student Records and Compliance with ISSRA and FERPA
  • MySpace, Facebook and Sexting: How to Respond to Electronic Misconduct and Misuses of Technology
  • Student Discipline
  • Student Residency
  • Religious Accommodations for Students
  • Schools and Social Media
  • School Discipline and Tools for Dealing with “Off-Campus” Cyberbullying
  • Student Health Issues
  • Student Speech Issues
  • Service Animals
  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Special Education

  • Addressing Student Behaviors: Conducting through FBAs and Developing and Implementing Comprehensive BIPs
  • Adverse Affects Standard in Determining Eligibility
  • Autism Litigation
  • Critical Elements of IEPs: Drafting Individualized Goals and Objectives, Supplementary Aids and Accommodations and Documentation of Continuum of Placement Options Discussed and Considered
  • Determining and Documenting Eligibility
  • Discipline of Students with Disabilities
  • Documentation and Data to Support Development of IEP Components
  • Drafting Legally Defensible IEPs
  • Extended School Year Standards and Obligations
  • Evaluation Procedures and Pitfalls
  • Hot Topics in Special Education Law
  • IDEA Overview: Legal Basics and Procedural Requirements from Pre-Referral to Evaluation to Eligibility to IEP Development
  • Individualizing Present Levels of Performance
  • Response to Intervention: 30 Tips in 30 Minutes
  • Special Education Primer
  • Special Education: Case Law Update
  • Special Education Programs for Pre-School Students with Autism
  • Specific Learning Disability Eligibility: What to Consider and Document
  • Transition Planning and Services


  • Campus Safety and Liability Issues
  • The Clery Act: Disclosing Information about Crime and Security
  • Student Discipline: Ensuring Due Process Prior to Removal
  • FERPA and Student Privacy Rights
  • Assessing Student Clinical Performance: Documentation and Feedback
  • Academic Adjustment Obligations under Section 504 and the ADA
  • Legal Issues in Crisis Media Relations Surrounding a Student Issue
  • Dealing with Troubled or Disruptive Adult Students
  • Processing Sexual Harassment Claims by Students
  • Title IX Compliance Review and Training
  • Religious Accommodations for Students


  • Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
  • The Role of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Records Retention and Electronic Storage of Records
  • Land Use Control Procedures
  • Parliamentary Procedures at Board Meetings


  • Public Bidding
  • Commercial Contracts and Risk Allocation
  • The Construction Project
  • Purchasing and Contracting
  • Selecting the Construction Team
  • Tort Risk Avoidance