Published January 22, 2019
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Published September 13, 2018
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Published April 26, 2018
Summer construction season is almost upon us, and as our public sector clients ready their construction projects for commencement, we offer a quick refresher on an important statute, The Prevailing Wage Act: What is the Prevailing Wage Act? The Prevailing Wage Act (the “PWA”) establishes prevailing hourly wage rates required to be paid to all
Published January 10, 2017
A RIF of ESPs occurs whenever a district decides to decrease the number of ESPs employed by the school board or to discontinue a particular type of support service. A RIF also occurs when a district decides to reduce the hours of an ESP. A district is not obligated to wait until the end of a school year to conduct a RIF of ESPs. Prior to implementing a
Published October 21, 2016
Recent amendments (P.A. 99-0550) to the Illinois Liquor Control Act ("Act") affect community colleges and public library districts. The Act was amended to permit community colleges to serve alcohol in buildings under their control for public events that are not student-related activities. The Act was also recently amended to allow alcohol to be delivered
Published September 30, 2016
This publication is intended as a general scheduling guide for township officials and candidates as the time for the township caucuses approaches... View PDF
Published September 6, 2016
..Deadlines to mind as we go from the November General Election to local government elections next April. View PDF
Published June 2, 2016
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Published January 12, 2016
The Appellate Court in Board of Educ. of Springfield School Dist. No. 186 v. The Illinois Attorney General, et al., 2015 IL App (4th) 140941 (Dec. 15, 2015), rejected the Illinois Attorney General’s (“AG”) interpretation that Section 2(e) of the Act requires a public body to provide a detailed explanation about the significance or impact
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